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Although the Taste of Tacoma is about food, the eating isn't the highlight...watching people is. If you like seeing interesting people, this is the place. You'll see all ages, colors, shapes, and sizes.

What really struck me this year, though, is that it's a great place to see dogs, too. There were dogs of all breeds and personalities. So, not only did I continue my tradition of shooting tattoos, but I shot dogs, so to speak. For people from certain parts of Asia, the Taste of Tacoma might take on a whole new meaning.

This is a great family event, a fun place to take in several concerts, and an easy place to find lunch and dinner. If you're in Tacoma in the middle of summer, don't miss it.
Relaxing before things get humming.You'll see lots of families at the Taste.I ain't afraid of you!Jumbo Wiener Dog!What's the trouble?Anyone hungry?Anyone thirsty?Self service.