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Torres del Paine is a national park in Chile a couple hours north of the town of Puerto Natales. The road leading from the port town to the park is paved for part of the trip, but then is gravel and dirt the rest of the way. All the roads in the park are gravel and dirt. Be prepared for a rough ride.

The photographs in this gallery are from the ride to and from the park, from the area outside the park, and from within the park, itself.

For non-residents of Chile, it's an expensive place to visit, so bring some bucks. You can stay at lodges within the park, called refugios, you can camp, or you can just go into the park for the day.

Many of the visitors to the park hike what's referred to as "The W" which gets its name from the shape of the trail on a map, and others do a longer hike encircling the park called "The Circuit."

If you like visiting national park and enjoy the outdoors, this is a very nice place to visit. Don't miss it if you're in Chile.
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